The Company

Wild Sensoria designs and builds homes and interiors, eco-resorts, community spaces and urban villages. Our team of architects, interior designers, project managers, and certified permaculture consultants are dedicated to holistic, ecologically regenerative design and construction. We are inspired and informed by deep ecology, permaculture design, eco village design, earthships and the simple life movement.



We create sacred spaces, harmoniously integrated within their natural contexts, where people can experience living holistically as part of nature, within organic earthen structures and with all modern, domestic requirements accomodated through a network of living, passive systems. In this way people come to understand themselves as part of nature and in no way separate from it. Clients notice increased vitality, health and wellbeing within their own lives as they reconnect with nature, and thereby themselves.


We wish to live in balance with the earth and all living beings, and we strive to create the change we wish to see in the world. We believe that nothing short of an absolute shift in the way we approach building is required in today’s environmental climate.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

Buchminster Fuller


Is an approach to designing human settlements and agricultural systems that mimics the relationships found in natural ecologies, developed by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.


In addition to the three ethics: care for the earth, care for people, and fair share, there are 12 principles which are fundamental to permaculture design. At Wild sensoria these are the principles which become the backbone of our design concepts.

We design and build with sensitivity to the impact of building in its totality, ensuring that it promotes wellness for all . For instance we investigate the impact of the materials we are using on the natural ecology, on the community and on our health and lifestyles. We design every system, such as a grey water system or the cooling system so that it fundamentally contributes to the project in its entirety. We believe in the principle of causing no harm.
In order for construction to be truly sustainable in actuality it needs to be regenerative. We have already caused so much destruction as a species that we need to implement regenerative practices in order to replace the degeneration of past practices. At Wild Sensoria we nurture the land for later generations to inherit, and construct in a way that works symbiotically with the natural world.



Jennifer newton initially founded the interiors company Newton Concepts in Hong Kong in 2006 and has completed over 60 projects in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. In the last 4 years she has been pioneering the true eco retreat, Mawun Mud Village” in South Lombok Indonesia, and is now dedicated to the development of ecologically regenerative design and construction.