Mud Village

Mawun mud village is an eco retreat and learning centre for ecological and holistic living. It is in south Lombok, Indonesia, and is designed, built and project managed by Wild Sensoria. It is helping the transition to an awakened consciousness in building and development, and carbon zero living. Upon completion the resort will be an example of ecologically regenerative and holistic design, building and tourism; meeting high end modern standards while also helping to economically sustain the local community.

The grounds

Building Materials

Mawun mud village is built mostly from mud brick, bamboo and reclaimed boatwood as well as alang alang grass….close to all the materials came either directly from the site or nearby villages.


We kept energy costs low through passive and convection cooling, the use of mud brick, plant walls and roofs and maximised sensitivity to sun and wind orientation. We used LED lights and much of the food refrigeration is by way of teracotta pots. Passive ecological systems such as the bio pool prevent energy usage through the need for a pump in the swimming pools. Grey water cleaning is by way of gravel and sand. Appliances are kept to a minimal, without any sacrifice to comfort.

Hopi House

Villa Bamboo

The Who house

Villa Cashew


Bio composting toilets provide humus which is a vital component of healthy soils, and this is put back into the (non vegetable) garden. These techniques also mean that no water is required. No plastic water bottles are used as guests are given metal water bottles during their stay, which can be filled up at the restaurant.

Soft Furnishing

The soft furnishings are mostly from rattan, boatwood and reused oil drums, and the majority of the decorative items are artisanal made and sourced from Indonesian villages.

The Nest

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