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Architecture + Landscapes

We offer architectural, construction and landscaping services, approaching each project through a deep ecology worldview, thereby taking full consideration of the varied ecosystems and conditions pre exisitng at a site before arriving at our design. For instance we will carefully observe such things as water supplies, sun and wind orientation, soil types, contours, flora and fauna and the paths of wildlife. We are sensitive to working in harmony and balance with the diverse species that co habit the site, and aim to increase bio diversity as much as possible. We aim for our sites to be self reliant in terms of water, energy and food. In the building phase we try to work with local materials and labour forces as much as possible.

Interior Design

Until 2015 we focused on full interior renovations and furniture, using natural, reclaimed and recycled materials and handmade, artisan decorative items. These are some examples of Jenny’s interiors during this time.

Real Estate

We currently have a number of one and two bedroom villas for sale off plan in south Lombok. We organise all land purchasing and documentation through a PMA foreign owned company, making it as safe and simple as possible for foreigners to buy property in Indonesia, and do so in an ecologically sound manner. Our villas are designed around eco village design concepts with importance placed on a strong sense of community, self reliance and simple living. Our villas are built from mud, reclaimed wood and bamboo and come with vegetable and herb gardens, bio swimming pools, rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling and bio composting toilets. Vegetable and medicinal herb gardens as well as the bio pools can be managed as part of the post ownership management services we offer. Please enquire for more details

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The Company

Wild Sensoria evolved from Newton Concepts, a Hong Kong based interior design and project management rm founded in 2006 by Jenny Newton. With over 60 interior renovation projects completed within the South East Asia region, Jenny recently shifted to full architectural and landscaping projects, based on permaculture principles and ethics, and now works with a team of globally located architects and permaculture consultants. Jenny has worked in Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and the UK.